NYPBMH Wesley House

501 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11215

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Parkinson's Disease Brain Training

For those with Parkinson's Disease. Call 646.330.3286 to register (required).

6/18 11am
Parkinson's Disease Brain Training

This class can help the individual to improve cognitive/daily functioning skills, decrease anxiety & depression and improve/maintain self-esteem and social...

6/18 11am
Brain Fitness Group B

For Early to Moderate stage Dementia patients. A caregiver should accompany patients in this group. This class offers additional personal attention and...

6/19 10:30am
Creative Expression Exercise and Art

Sessions include 1 hour aerobic exercise with dance therapy and 1.5 hours of visual art projects. Artistic background is not required, only motivtion to try...

6/20 10am
Wellness Support Group

Monthly group for patients with memory loss or dementia. Registration required, call 664.330.3286

6/24 11:30am

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