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Wellness Lecture: Is COVID-19 Vaccine a good idea for me?

Dr. David Scale will answer some of the questions about the What, When and Why about the importance of COVID Vaccination.

1/28 1pm
Virtual Event
《福安康寧》網上健康講座: 咳嗽 Chinese seminar: Cough

過敏專家譚明珠醫生將以廣東話 討論咳嗽的症狀和護理 Dr Pearl Tam, an Allergy specialist will talk about symptoms and care for cough in Cantonese-Chinese.

2/2 10:30am
Virtual Event
Wellness Lecture: Cardiology Prevention during a Pandemic

Cardiology Nurse Practitioners, Amber Lennon and Jeremy Torres will talk about some of the Cardiology Prevention tips to care for your own health especially...

2/17 10am
Virtual Event