Events at NYP Lawrence Hospital

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Preventing Falls - How to Stay Safe Indoors and Outside

Covid and the winter weather may be causing more of us to stay home. But, being indoors can put you at risk for falls. Join Grace Kulinski, Senior Physical...

1/28 3pm
Virtual Event
Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgery Support Group

This support group is open to our patients preparing for bariatric surgery and those who have already had the operation. Its purpose is to address patient...

2/3 7pm
Virtual Event
Breastfeeding Support Group

The Breastfeeding Support Group offers new mothers the opportunity to learn from one another and receive professional guidance from Rosanna Terrero-Arnoux,...

2/8 10am
Virtual Event
Breastfeeding Preparation Class

If you need extra support and education about breastfeeding, please attend our Breastfeeding Preparation class. Instruction includes tips on how to prevent...

2/8 7pm
Virtual Event
Feeling blue? Managing Your Emotional Health this Season

Join us for a discussion on how the pandemic may be affecting your mental health. Dr. William Lamson, a clinical psychologist with NewYork-Presbyterian...

2/9 7pm
Virtual Event
Childhood Anxiety during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Recognizing the Signs

Join us for this virtual program to better understand the impact of the pandemic on the well-being of our children. Drs. Sarah Coren and Kristin Toffey,...

2/24 7pm
Virtual Event