The preconception period can be an exciting time accompanied by significant physical and emotional transitions. This unique life stage offers an opportunity to optimize your health and prepare your future baby with the very best start!

At Integrative Health and Wellbeing, we have cultivated a series of sessions beginning from Trimester 0 (Fertility/Preconception), continuing throughout pregnancy (Trimesters 1-3), as well as Postpartum (Trimester 4). 

During this Trimester 0 session, we will discuss various aspects of fertility and conception from an integrative medicine perspective, including nutrition, mind-body medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, and optimal vitamins and supplements. 

This group visit is offered by Dr. Jillian Cohen and Dr. Michelle Loy, and is covered by most insurances. Participants are responsible for co-pays/deductibles, as with any in-person physician visit.  

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