The Key to Healthy Weight: 4 Week Program

Are you tired of trying different diets and not getting sustainable results? What works for one person does not work for someone else--that's because we all have different metabolisms.

Instead of focusing on calories, different diets, or exercise routines, it is more important to know what your metabolism is doing. Based on that, you can pick the foods that work best for you.

During this 4 week journey led by Dr. Chiti Parikh, all participants will wear a continuous glucose monitor to gain better insight into their metabolism. Each week will have specific instructions on using that information while optimizing your diet, sleep, exercise, and stress management routine.

This session is a good fit for anyone looking to optimize their weight or address prediabetes or early diabetes.


The sensors will cost around $75 for 2 sensors with insurance and $140 without insurance. You will also need a smartphone to use the app associated with this event, Veri, which is $39 a month. A certain level of comfort with technology is needed to navigate the information and use the sensors.

Course Schedule: 1-hour Virtual Group Session Wednesdays from 4pm-5pm

Session 1: May 22, 2024

Session 2: May 29, 2024

Session 3: June 5, 2024

Session 4: June 12, 2024


We accept most insurances. Your insurance may cover the 1-hour group session. However, you might be responsible for a specialist copayment per session. You will also be responsible if you have a deductible or co-insurance.

Dial-In Information

To register, please contact Mary Acosta at

Wednesday, June 12 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Virtual Event