Narrative Circle: Healing through Exploration of Personal Stories

Join experts Anne-Marie Audet, MD, and Michelle Loy, MD, for our special narrative circle program--Healing through Exploration of Personal Stories.

Writing, drawing, and speaking about meaningful experiences can help improve health, reduce symptoms, ease emotional discomfort, release healing hormones, and create deepened connections.

In this program, you'll learn a process of accessing deeply held but rarely conscious beliefs and emotions. We'll use a non-analytical approach to explore life before and after diagnosis, who we are, and what gives us meaning, joy, and wholeness.

Learn the non-pharmacological tools for using this healing method alone or in a group setting. Look forward to an improved sense of well-being, autonomy, belonging, and purpose.

We accept most insurances. Your insurance may cover the 1-hour group session, However, you might be responsible for a specialist copayment per session. You will also be responsible if you have a deductible or co-insurance. 


Dial-In Information

To sign up, please contact Mary Acosta at

Wednesday, May 1 at 2:30pm to 3:30pm

More dates through June 26, 2024

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