Dempsey House

1992 Crompond Rd, Cortlandt, NY 10567

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Best of Vietnamese Cooking

Vietnamese cooking can be simple, light, and flavorful. Learn the art of preparing summer rolls, Tom Kho shrimp, and more in this healthy cooking class....

7/18 5:30pm
Carb-Controlled Cooking with Cauliflower

Learn how to make delicious, diabetic-friendly recipes that are carb-controlled. A Registered Dietician will help us transform traditional dishes into...

7/23 12pm
Heart-Healthy Summer Italian Cuisine

Italian flavors abound in this class, where we will teach you how to make simple Tuscan fare, such as crostini, polenta, healthy meatballs, and more. ($15) ...

7/26 12pm
Meals to Last all Week

Tired of cooking night after night? In this class, you will learn recipes that you can make on a Sunday and enjoy all week in different ways. ($15) To...

7/30 6pm
Vegetarian Mediterranean Meals

One of the best diets for promoting heart health, the Mediterranean Diet is heart supportive and downright delicious. Featuring healthy fats, delectable...

7/31 11:30am

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Denise Kimberg

Denise Kimberg left a positive review 2/15/2019

This was my first class. I found it very informative. Chef Emilie made it very easy to follow along with the delicious recipes she selected. It was hands on and everyone worked together to make a great Heart-Healthy Meal that was tasty and delicious. I'm Looking forward to attending other classes in the future.

Kathy White

Kathy White left a positive review 1/25/2019

First time at hands on cooking event. It was well planned and guided with recipes that can be accomplished by the home cook.

Dempsey House

Dempsey House posted a photo 1/25/2019

Dempsey House

Dempsey House posted a photo 1/25/2019

Carole Sindell

Carole Sindell left a positive review 12/21/2018

Very informative and enlightening. Dr Garcia was great and Emilie was wonderful as usual.
I love attending these classes. Please continue offering them!

Susan Johnson

Susan Johnson left a positive review 11/26/2018

Our presenter was very knowledgeable and personable.

Ann Constantine

Ann Constantine left a positive review 10/9/2018

This was a perfect combination of learning about nutrition as it relates to the brain, cooking, and fun. Emile is a gifted instruct.

W Amparo

W Amparo left a positive review 7/20/2018

It was inspiring. Plan to follow recipes to emulate meal :-) Both presenters were great!!