Thursday, September 3

Community Meditation Sessions Weekday M-F 12pm  (online)

Guided meditation such as mindful breathing, body scan, lovingkindness, gentle stretching, and more. These sessions are right for you if you are seeking a...

Virtual Event
A Guide to Cooking with Oil

Our class will teach you all about how oil is made, how to cook with it, the nutrition of fats, how to store oil properly and what to avoid. (No...

Virtual Event
Eating Mindfully

During the time of stress, mindful eating is even more important for digestive health, weight management and emotional wellbeing. During this visit you will...

Virtual Event
Living with Cancer Support Group - Lawrence Hospital

This ongoing support group is for adults who have been recently diagnosed with cancer or are in treatment, and is led by licensed clinical social workers...

Virtual Event
Living with Cancer Support Group

This group is for men and women newly diagnosed with cancer, and provides emotional support as a complement to medical care. Facilitated by Gilda's Club of...

Thursday, September 3