Friday, February 15

The Wellness Center: Train360

A simple, well-rounded, workout designed to stretch, tone & tighten different muscles in the body. From the warmup to the cool down, you will increase your...

The Wellness Center: Healthy Back/Flexible Body

This class will help strengthen your back and improve your flexibility (note: participants must be able to get up and down on the floor). Directions: ...

NeedleArts Class with Lucia Loher

HealthOutreach invites you to learn how how to Knit, Crochet, and Quilt. The hand made blankets are donated to the infants born at the Allen Hospital.

Heart Healthy Nutrition Lecture  - For Employees

Learn about heart healthy nutrition from NYPbehealthy staff and learn how to do HandsOnly CPR at this wellness event.

Heart-Healthy Italian Cuisine

Italian flavors abound in this class where we will teach simple Tuscan fare such as crostini, polenta, chicken and ricotta meatballs, and more. To register...

Ask the Doctor – Lunch and Learn with Dr. Craig Hametz, NYPMG HV Cardiology

Optimizing Senior Heart Health Dr. Hametz will provide insights about how to get heart healthy at any age and maintain good habits to optimize recovery....

The Wellness Center: Feldenkrais

Flexibility…possibility…experimentation…integration…transformation – come experience a Feldenkrais® Awareness through Movement® lesson and wake up your...

Friday, February 15