Friday, November 9

The Wellness Center: Train360

A simple yet well rounded workout designed to stretch, tone & tighten different muscles in the body. From the warmup to the cool down, you will increase your...

The Wellness Center: Healthy Back/Flexible Body

This class will help strengthen your back and improve your flexibility (note: participants must be able to get up and down on the floor). Directions: ...

Breastfeeding Support Group - Hudson Valley Hospital

This support group is offered to new and expecting mothers who would like to learn more about breastfeeding in a supportive environment.

NeedleArts class with Lucia Loher

HealthOutreach invites you to learn how to Knit, Crochet, and/ or Quilt. The handmade blankets are donated to the infants born at the Allen Hospital.

Physician in the Kitchen: Dr. Jayne Lieb, Freezer Ready Meals for Better Health

Join Dr. Jayne Lieb, General Surgeon, NewYork-Presbyterian Medical Group Hudson Valley, and learn about which foods to prioritize, as well as some meal...

Caregivers Service Event:  A Wandering Workshop for People Caring for Loved Ones with Dementia

Elizabeth Bravo Santiago is the MedicAlert® NYC Wanderer’s Safety Program Director at CaringKind, the Heart of Alzheimer’s Caregiving, formerly known as the...

The Wellness Center: Feldenkrais

Flexibility…possibility…experimentation…integration…transformation – come experience a Feldenkrais® Awareness through Movement® lesson and wake up your...

Friday, November 9