Wednesday, August 16

Joint Replacement Seminar

Are you tired of knee, hip or shoulder pain? Have you scheduled joint replacement surgery? Whether or not you are planning to get a new knee or hip, all are...

Restore and Relax - Milstein Heart Center

Learn simple and effective self-care tools for daily wellbeing such as gentle movements and stretches that can alleviate tension and stress.

Midday Yoga - Weill Cornell

Each Midday Yoga class focuses on simple movements, yoga poses, and practical grounding exercises that will leave you feeling refreshed, aligned and balanced.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of intentionally focusing on the present moment, paying attention to the sensations, thoughts and emotions that arise....

Laughter, Humor, and Play to Reduce Stress and Solve Problems - Allen Hospital

This fun and informative workshop will provide information about using laughter to reduce stress, the benefits of smiling to improve your emotional...

Balance Training with Marilu Zahn

Learn movement patterns to improve your balance and coordination-Calisthenics Choreographed walking to music-deep breathing and relaxation techniques. For...

Wednesday, August 16